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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Beginning:Chun Li Overview

           Chun Li overall is a very solid character. Some of the best keep out in the game and can also get up close and personal. Quick overhead in hazanshu coupled with a fast jab and short. The more traditional way to play her is mostly zone with a little rush on the side depending on the match up.

            The most important part of playing Chun Li is reading your opponent. Keeping them out for 99 sec isn't as easy as it looks. Thats why knowing proper spacing for fireball and AA's are very important. St. mp, c. mp, c. mk,, and are all important in footsies. St. mp and are the go to whiff punish buttons.Getting that knockdown and caping on it is the importance. Frame Trap, Throw,  High/Low,Safe Jump, and Bait keeps the opponent in constant guess.

             Now as most of you know, Chun Li on defense isn't the best character. Without a dp and no meter she must block on wake up or backdash which by good players will be os "aka" option selected. Managing your meter and learning how to block and tech are very important. For Chun, "A good defense is better than a good offense" IMO. Using Hazanshu in broken up block strings are also an option. For ex: Ryu's frame trap- , or, throw are both broken up strings countered by Hazanshu. A good Ryu's though will switch up his string to , to counter the hazanshu or just focus. Switching it up on D is the meta game that is needed to stay unpredictable.

           Things to remember as a Chun Li user

  1. Footsies-I cant stress them enough. Whiff punishing is a must needed tool for her.
  2. Controlling Space with FireBalls - Knowing what ranges to throw them and knowing when to stop and wait for the AA are extremely important. One wrong jump in and our sweet Chun Li just ate more than she can handle.
  3. Unpredictability- You really don't want your opponent to be able to read your every move. Stay solid but put them in 50/50 mix ups mentally.
  4. Meter- Saving for super in certain situations may be smarter or stocking for an ex.SBK for a later round. Meter is important for Chun.
  5. OS- limiting your opponents options is key to your opponent respecting your mix up and the only way to keep them from escaping on wake up. Must learn for high level play. Especially against Viper
Hopefully this will help some Chun users who are stuck at a certain level or who plan to pick her up. My other sections will cover match ups and more in depth strats along with some of my hidden Chun Li knowledge.    


  1. Looking forward to the rest of the guide! I'm stuck playing SF4 on the PC, so my options are fairly limited, but I'll do my damnedest.

  2. Dude, much respect to you for starting this guide. When SF4 came out, Chun is the character that I instantly clicked with. I've been off my game for a little while, but I'm returning for SSF4:AE. Chun is a master class character and requires a lot of knowledge and study. Your guide will help alot of aspiring Chun-Li players out there, including myself. Great job and much respect dude.

  3. I've played Chun forever, good luck on your posts, looks promising ! If I may suggest: what I have more trouble with are her anti-airs.

  4. looking forward to this man, im an aspiring chun player, and as the same with thomas, i have trouble with anti air'ing properly. but give me a training mode and i can pretty much do all of her combos (my execution is above average). its just when i get into a match, i dont know what im doing!!