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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chun Li vs. Balrog


                                 Overview- This match is all about controlling space and knowing what your opponent wants to do. Balrog is a straight forward character with not many tricks. Punishing his dash punches and aa'ing him is the key to victory. It will make your opponent have to beat you in footsies where he can seriously get the job done. Learning the ranges and spacing on his normals and specials are a must in the match up. When Boxer does get close to Chun it is very important to be patient. His counter hit set ups hurt and tick throws set up devestating oki. A 3 frame jab is no Chun can frustrate any boxer when played to the max. Also she can abuse him on wake with her, throws, CH set ups, and OS. This is a struggle for Boxer.

                                 Pros- Her makes Headbutt whiff
                                           Her super punishes all variations of dash punches that hit her on block
                                               and sweep.
                                           Kikouken makes Balrog have to take risks

                                Cons- When he gets close, its hard to get away
                                           Predictable fireballs will make you lose tons of damage.(Dash Ultra,Jump Over,ect.

                                Option Selects- The most important os in this match is J.Hpx2 OS Sweep

                                OS Sweep from J.Hpx2- This OS beats all headbutts , safe jumps them, or even make them whiff. This video will explain how to go about doing this. Credit to MagnetoManiac. About 0:51

                                 Jab Fierce OS- This OS beats Backdash but loses to anything else. Check out my other post if your not familiar with it.

                                Ultra of Choice-U1- Punishes any Dash punch twoards you if you have the reaction,

                                                          U2- Can combo anywhere. Pick the ultra you feel more comfortable with.

                              "The Super that shuts down all"- Saving your meter in this match up is very important. Balrog will be extremely limited. Every Dash punch will become punishable making the match up IMO turn to a 7-3. Zoning on top of the fact that he can't dash puch or sweep makes it horrible.

                Super Punishes
                All Dash Straights- punish- Jab punish except for ex or focus
                All Dasn Low Smash-punish- Jab punish/Breaks Armor
                All Swing Blow-punish- Jab Punish/Breaks Armor
                All Dash Low Straights-punish- Sweep or U1 punish except for ex or focus
                All Turn Around Punches-Breaks Armor
                Sweep-punish-or focus

                                 AA'ing Boxer is easy. His hitbox is wierd on some of his jump in though.
                Jump Hk= Your
                Jump Hp= Your or St.Hp

                                 "Buttons vs. Buttons"- Chun and Balrog have some of the greatest footsies in the game. They can go toe to toe in the footsie department. Like I said before, learning the spacing for his attacks are the key to the player respecting your spacing. Boxer has a couple of good normals to watch out for.

              Sweep- His sweep has a lot of range and generally safe on Chun's block because of pushback  Learn how to focus very predictable Boxer who abuse this. Your and Sweep whiff punish his sweep with easy. Stay in that range and wait for it.

              St.Hk- This move has hella range and hurts. Another move that can be focused. Its also used alot in counter hit setups. Your,st.hp,and sweep deal with this move.

     Far reaching hitbox for a crouch strong. Used after walk back to tag stand techs or a button. Usually cancelled in to dash punch. Your St.hp reaches this normal.

              Jab- Nothing lol. Recovery is to good. Be careful about trying to do walk up counter hit setups on Boxer its a hell of a risk vs. a 3 frame jab. 

                                Meter- Besides stocking super to punish all of his options using your ex SBK to keep him off of you should be used wisely. Being Baited can makes all of your zoning go down the drain. Read how aggressive your opponent is and react accordingly. Ex FireBall is a good choice from time to time to throw off their ex dashes. I use ex legs only if the punish will be worth it aka death or big damage combo.

                               This match is a turtle fest mixed with rush once you knock him down. See what type of Rog your fighting. Is it the dash punch spammer that loses to you neutral jumping all day or the patient rog that engages in footsies and knows how to walk and block. Once you know, it will be easier to know what to do. Please leave comments and continue to support me.
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  1. nice! another great write up, thanks for this! I don't know if you left this U2 OS out on purpose or hadn't heard of it; I can't remember who discovered it though.

    If you're taking requests, I'd love a Blanka or Rufus guide. Keep up the good work!

  2. yea a blanka guide would be perfect i cant beat blanka to save my life

  3. Wait, what? You were a pad warrior?

    Great breakdown, thanks.

    Can't wait for next entry.

    Take care