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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chun Li vs. Ryu


                                Overview- This is a classic match in SF. The battle of footsies and reaction. Ryu vs. Chun is going to come down to who played the match better. Who made that extra whiff punish to put the other on there back or who let the AA slide and because of that ate pressure that shouldnt have happened. The match up is about capping on the other mistakes and running with it. Chun's footsies are better than Ryu but he is not far behind. Ryu's fireball is better than her's. This classic match is a tug of war where each character wont budge unless they have to. With this match up being so balanced its hard to say what counters what, so I will try and go into detail below.

                              Pros- U1 and Hazanshu punish FireBalls
                                       When your stocked with Ultra the match up changes in your favor
                              and punish his with ease.
                                       U1 also punishes his sweep on block.

                              Cons- Beware of SRK
                                        His stuffs alot of Chun's pokes
                                        Hadouken is better than Kikoken in this case

                              Option Selects- Not to many to really focus on. Should always be doing short sweep os though.

                              Short~Sweep- This OS beats BackDash. Simply press and and together. If they block you should get 2's. If they backdash you get sweep. This work on a nontechable knockdown.

                              Ultra of Choice- U1- Shuts down Ryu's options to throw the fireball and making him have to come towards you. Also you can Ultra from tip and Ex tatsu on block if you stand Block it.
                                                        U2- Can be useful for very quick damage asuming that for U1 they will stop throwing plasma when you get it. I perfer U1 though.

                              Hazanshu"When To Do/When Not To Do" Whats the - I feel that a good Ryu can tell when the Chun player is thinking about Hazanshu and if you do it they react with focus through with a hefty punish. Some Ryu players just hold focus for a short time just to tease the Chun player into damage. If you have bar you have to learn Dash Legs which will make them think twice. Reacting with Dash Legs takes practice but once mastered makes the Ryu have to wait and react instead of teasing. Dash up throw helps also. Doing the Hazanshu on reaction to the FireBall is easier said than done but is possible. Watching either Ryu's hands or hearing Hado helps. I personally watch his motion and listen. Try and never do a random hazanshu vs. a good player. It rarely works. Now a hazanshu to bait the os tech or stand tech is more like it. Even gettin through frame traps with it is very helpful. For ex- after the first Mp there is a gap which since we dont have a Dp, hazanshu is the next best friend. Hazanshu is a very good tool to use but can not be spammed.

                              AA'ing Ryu- Distances- DF Lk hits all ranges, St. mk hits mid range and sometimes can turn into Close which works also, Far Hp hits at the far range which sometimes can trade with his J. Hk, beats all jump attacks except late attacks such as J.Lk and J.Hp, and C.Hk is the same but trades with late J.Hp and gets beat by J.Lk. Air to Air Chun wins with J.hp and throw.

                             Good OL' Dragon Punch- One mistake of a player is to fear Dp,DON'T. Just know that its there and bait occasionally. If the opponent is DP happy the win shouldnt be hard at all. The opponent that is unpredictable is a scary foe , but making them want to DP with the usuage of frame traps and pokes and baiting at the correct times and ranges puts them in mix up. Making them not even want a DP. Thinking with that mentality as a Chun player will boost your confidence in your pokes and pressure. And remember, blocking there DP and making them spend 2 bars eliminates DP ultra and saftey ^_^.

                             Hado vs. Kiko- Ryu having a command FireBall while we have charge automatically puts him at slight advantage. His recovery is about the same as our Mp version. Ryu spamming plasma at the beginning isnt the smartest idea judging that he is giving us ultra. Knowing this, good Ryu players usually match fireballs or throw them at an up close range to alter our reaction. While knowing that, the only real meter he will gain is whiff DP which can easily get punished. Ryu's usually try and walk Chun down eventually leading us to the corner for punishment. Learning to stand your ground and push him to the corner is the key. goes under close Hado's with a little reaction making Ryu second guess what he wants to do. Our St.Mp helps push him to the corner where standing outside his sweep range makes everything visible to be whiff punished. Focus also help at the close range combat . Our +7 lvl 2 is deadly and can change the momentum.

                             Meter Management- Understanding when to use Ex SBK is important in keeping the opponent out. Ryu's safe jump crossup Lk beats it with a reset and sometimes just safe jumps it. Backdashing will get OS'ed but he cant do both. He has to commit to doing the OS and risk being SBK'ed or safe jump it and risk you escaping with Back Dash. Unless he has Ex, Shoryuken wont hit both options. Also saving super punishes ,the follow up to hado,C.Hk,and DP FADC back. Ryu can only rely on C.Lp,C.Lk, and C.Mp.

                             Semi Unblockable- In vanilla this set up was fully unblockable, but in super the block must be blocked towards Chun Li as if you want to get hit by the move. Corner Forward Throw~ Dash~ DF Hk. You have to dash at the earliest possible frame. This Video will Demonstrate-

                             I love this match up. Its fun and steps up your footsies and reaction. Support me by leaving your comment and remember to follow me.


  1. hey man, loving what your doing, really really put a lot of effort into it man!
    i learnt a lot about the viper matchup in your previous post, and this post is no different. lots of info, really useful. expecially the psuedo unblockable.
    keep it up man!