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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Thoughts on Chun Li in AE


              Nerfs- C. Hk stun got reduced and St. Mp damage got reduced generally meaning you will have to poke your opponent more times to end the match. 
                          Her Focus Attack is much easier to hit now.

                          Df.Lk has more start up now so its harder to use as an AA. In most cases you can not combo after trade anymore.:(

               My thoughts: Chun is still a good character but you have to work even harder to win in many of her match ups. The C.Hk and St.Mp nerf make some match go on longer than expected. Can't say that im a fan of that nerf. The Df.Lk nerf really has hurt my gameplay. Not only is it really slow, but no combo after trade is whack IMO. Now im forced to aa with either ground normals or jump back fierce. She feels alot like vanilla Chun. This version of Chun will surely step up our reactions. Most of her matchups are the same just a little longer. With AE introducing Yun,Yang,Oni,and E.Ryu, Chun has many new matchups to explore. Its soon but IMO I will say she loses to the twins 6/4 and goes even with Oni and E.Ryu. I would say now she is a solid mid tier character. All the Chun players must pull together so we can push our character to the top and win a major tourney with her. Some have came close, but one of us will do it some day.^_^!

               The next match up I will cover is M.Bison. So stay tuned and continue to support me.


  1. cant wait for m.bison matchup, im completely lost there!!!

  2. I've been playing against the twins frequently with chun and i can say that Yun is actually even, if not .5 in yuns favor at the worst. You can AA him all day if he even tried to dive kick. Fierce for mid to far dives beat him clean, and standing forward for the closer ones. Because of this, it forces any smart yun player to play footsies with you. He's no slouch in that aspect, but it is chun's advantage for sure. If he gets in, thats when it gets bad, but if he gets too close, anticipate his next jump and jump neutral with him and use roundhouse. Its not an easy match, but its not easy for yun either, until he has super... that is scary. Not sure if you want me to keep my rant going so i'll just leave it at that.

  3. Its 6/4 bro. A good yun player wont just be dive kicking to get AA'ed. They will neutral jump some times or do light dive kick to bait your move. Jabs and jump back Hk will beat dives at close and far Hp will beat them at a far but that is the mix up. If you whiff a move your going to be punished hard. When he gets one stock of ex you cant zone with fire balls. Ex Shoulder comes out so fast to the point that you can do it late and still hit Chun recovery making you have to come to him and play his game. Palm also eliminates her zone game. Unless you want him to gain meter you must approach him. Plus worrying about a command throw is even worst since she only has a Hazanshu to get out, and with no meter that can lead to you taking more damage trying to get out. Yang is alot easier IMO though.^_^

  4. Kayane sent me here.