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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chun Li vs. M.Bison


                                    Overview- This is a perfect example of a "cat and mouse chase". Both character are looking to get health lead and sit on it. Chun has a slightly easier time because she does have a fireball. Bison with meter can escape many different situation that alot of character can't, so its hard to keep him under wraps without guessing. They both have very fast normals which can be very deadly to walk forward on with a 3 frame short into a free combo. The character that does get life lead first is at very good advantage since the other character has to give up charge to chase them down. Staying solid and patient is the only way to defeat Bison. Without patience, you can not defeat this character. Mobility is also a plus to not getting backed into a corner. It can be a nightmare without the proper

                                    Pros- She can keep him out until he gets 1 bar
                                             Dash U1 punishes Devils Reverse on whiff and cross up psycho can be U1'ed.
                                             Super punishes far
                                    beats psycho and scissors

                                    Cons- When he has meter, you have to be cautious about fireballs
                                               It's hard to contain Bison with his many wake up options
                                               Bison J.fp is very hard to anti air
                                      sometimes whiffs on his standing hit box (use

                                    Option Selects- The most important OS to master in this fight is OS Hazanshu from J.Fpx2.
                                    OS Hazanshu from J.Fpx2- This OS beats Tele and avoids Psycho. This video will explain how to go about doing this. Credit to MagnetoManiac. About 2:03

                                    Ultra of Choice-U1- Punishes Devil's and cross up Psycho. Bison falls out in the corner sometimes though.

                                                            U2- Combos from everything and can be used for an AA. Chose which ever ultra feels right.

                                    "You can run, but you can't hide"- If Bison gets life lead first and sits on it, frustration levels can start to rise. Stay calm, 99 sec is a long time to come back.  Learn how to walk the opponent to the corner. Bison is very limited if his back is to the wall. Usually they will try and Psycho out which can be baited by jump back or U1'ed after the cross up. Try and always be a step ahead of the Bison player. Now lets say they dont walk themselves to the corner and they know how to stand there ground with solid footsies. If there holding downback then scissors is the only real problem which can be solved with is a good tool to beat scissors, but dont abuse the poke because it does have slight recovery frames. Neutral jump Hk is good to but can get beat out by his far Hk. Bison best two pokes(Far Hk and Far Mk) are both fast 6 frame attacks. The best option to deal with these are focus crumple or dash through combo. Keep in mind that when a Bison walks forward they give a way there charge meaning little risk to focus there next poke. If you get predictable, they can of course dash up throw. Far Hk and Far Mk can be whiff punished by Far Mp or Fp. Anytime you knock him down try and mix him up and get life lead. If he has meter bait, but dont respect his wake up to much or the opponent will be in your head. Try and make him waste that bar.

                                      AA'ing Bison- Trying to anti air with the normal we usually use get beat out or trade in his favor. Try reacting with a J.Hp or air throw. His J.Hp just has to much priority. Lvl 1 Focus helps also.

                                      "You can run, but you can't hide"Part2- If Chun gets life lead first its alot easier to keep it. Having a great fireball and Bison have a floaty jumps really benefits us. If he jumps go air to air with him. If he FADCs' through a fireball Hp him in the face. If he walks and block, mix in hazanshu and occasional dash up throw. The hard part about these tactics are trying to not corner yourself and not throwing a bad fireball. Bison's jump in combos are no joke. Try and stand your ground with and If he starts to focus them,wait for the focus and jab it. Staying mobile is the key to winning. Try not to stay in the same spot to long. Avoiding the corner isnt easy but is possible. If you do find yourself trapped in the corner there is a couple of key button that will get you out.

                                         "How did I get here"lol The Corner- Bison's Scissor pressure use to be a nightmare until I learned the proper buttons to press. There are a couple of different situations.
  • Scissor-Short = Holding Back in the corner will make the short whiff/ will whiff punish it.
  • Scissor-Scissor = St.lp, Hazanshu, or any button 9 frames or lower
  • Scissor- Delayed Scissor = St.lp,, Jump back Hk, or block for saftey
  • Scissor-Hk = St.lp or C.Hk
  • Scissor-Ex Head Stomp = Whiff the St.lp then Dash forward for a free combo.
St.Lp has to be one of the greatest option she has vs. his pressure. It very fast and safe. Dont panic when you get cornered. Be patient and you will get out.

                                             Meter- Chun and Bison are very dependent on meter. Bison probably slightly more but none the less both character need a get off of me tool. Bison's strings can be Ex.SBK'ed. That string is broken up. Tip range Scissors can also be reversed out of the blockstring. Becareful not to get baited but always remember your options. Baiting Bison into waisting meter is key to breaking there defense. Bison without  meter is Chun Li's revenge all Any Ex Devils reverse twoards you can be, into ex legs, or focused through with a combo. If they want to corner themselves while doing that move, go ahead and let them.

                                             This matchup will test your patience and spacing. Bison can be annoying, but hopefully I helped out. Keep supporting the blog and spread the word.


  1. Thanks for the info. I usually just rush him down when he doesn't have meter, then turtle when I get the lead. I didn't know beat Scissors. Going to keep that in mind.

  2. I was looking forward new entry and it's Bison, nice.
    Thanks for info.
    Who's next, Balrog? :D

    Love catching you on pj stream even though it's +9h here in eu :(


  3. Thx. If you want Balrog next I can do that.

  4. I'd really be interested in a blanka tutorial i can't seem to get wins off on him very much.