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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chun Li vs. The World Warriors

                     I created a match up chart of Chun Li matches in AE. This is my opinion on her many matches from most of my experience and notes. Comments can be left if anyone has a question about one of my decisions.^_^ enjoy

  1. Abel-6/4
  2. Adon-5/5
  3. Akuma-4/6
  4. Balrog-6/4
  5. Bison-5/5
  6. Blanka-3/7
  7. Cammy-4/6
  8. Chun Li-5/5
  9. Cody-6/4
  10. Dan-6/4
  11. DeeJay-5/5
  12. Dhalsim-5/5
  13. Dudley-6/4
  14. E.Honda-7/3
  15. El Fuerte-5/5
  16. Evil Ryu-6/4
  17. Fei Long-4/6
  18. Gen-6/4
  19. Gouken-5/5
  20. Guile-5/5
  21. Guy-6/4
  22. Hakan-6/4
  23. Ibuki-6/4
  24. Juri-5/5
  25. Ken-4.5/5.5
  26. Makoto-6/4
  27. Oni-6/4
  28. Rose-5/5
  29. Rufus-4/6
  30. Ryu-5/5
  31. Sagat-5/5
  32. Sakura-6/4
  33. Seth-5/5
  34. T.Hawk-6/4
  35. Vega-6/4
  36. Viper-4/6
  37. Yang-4/6
  38. Yun-4/6
  39. Zangief-6/4

Good numbers, struggling mostly with the top tier. Of late, Ive been training and thinking in a new way about the game. Hopefully that will change my top 16 performances into top 8 and or win. I still got faith in Chun.
I will be starting my vs. Bison Guide soon.


  1. For Blanka with the reduced knockback range on his ball shouldn't Chun Li super be another counter in the matchup? I don't think its that bad of a matchup..and Rufus is meh..since he has a huge hitbox you can AA easier than most.

  2. Sorry for double posting I forgot to mention that headstomps will always beat Gouken's anti-air counter unless you are way to close to him when you do it.

  3. Lp Blanka Ball didnt get nerfed.Only mp and fp.
    The fact that Lp blanka ball is safe unless you have Ultra,Fireballs dont work at mid range,Hazanshu wont get you good damage since you cant go jab~forward because of push back, and AA'ing him isnt an easy task without a trade or he beats you. Very frustrating match. Gets a little better when she gets Ultra. Rufus is easier to AA, but as long as he has a dive kick and she has to guess after, it will be 6/4.

  4. I noticed you have the Chun/Viper matchup listed as 4/6 but in an early post you said it was 6-4. Is that a typo or did I misread it?